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     i like you.  you’re just too dumb and too stupid that’s why you don’t know. you just don’t use your tumblr account that’s why you don’t know. you just ignore it that’s why you don’t know. but most of all, you’re too dumb and too stupid to know it. got it? you are dumb and stupid and i hate you for that. but still, i like you and i hate this feeling. i hate you and your stupidity. but i don’t want you to know about it.  

 today i sang “listen” by beyonce knowles. it was my first time to sing this in front of everyone so i’m kinda nervous. but when the lyrics where there and everyone was waiting for me to hit the notes, i threw all my inhibitions away and sang it. the feeling was overwhelming when i saw the people’s faces. they were awed by it. but i didn’t feel much like a show-off. instead i felt powerful. i can feel the energy emanating from my own voice. and for the first time i felt awesome. i gave the song my best shot that i felt drained after singing. the feeling was really awesome. thanks for beyonce’s “listen”. :”)

When you asked me why I love you,

I don’t know what to say,

I love every part of you,

In ever single way.

But if you want specifics,

I’ll try to meet your wish,

And do my very best,

To make a simple list.

I love you for your arms,

That hold me very tight,

I love you for your kisses,

Sometimes strong and sometimes light.

I love you for your patience,

That never seems to end,

I love you for the fact

That I can call you mine.

I love you for your lips,

That always seems to smile,

When you look upon my face,

For just a little while.

I love you for your eyes,

That see deep within my soul,

I love you for your ability  

To always make me whole.

I love you for your honesty,

I know you’ll never lie,

I love you for your passion.

So much it makes me cry.

I love you for your quirkiness,

And little jokes you tell,

I love you for your voice,

Singing the song I like.

I love this,

And a million things as well,

You see how hard it is,

To narrow it all down.

There are too many reasons,

But one thing I have found,

I love every single thing,

that has to do with you.

Guiding Light

They’re my guiding light,

A treasure from God above,

Kept inside my heart.

Here I’m Assured

They are my first friends,

To whom I always come home,

And tell all my fears.

A Whole New World

Here, I learned new things,

A new world away from home,

Molding me, teaching me.

Thanks For These Eyes

I opened my eyes,

And saw the world’s greatest art,

Thank God for these eyes.

Dwelling of My Soul

It is my own house,

It’s where I shelter my soul,

Let God in alone.


That George Kirk from Star Trek

is also


Is anyone else’s mind blown at that or just me?

i think this will be my design philosophy for my major plate. :) a great quote from a great architect..

i think this will be my design philosophy for my major plate. :) a great quote from a great architect..

  Hmm. I don’t know why i feel like this but i think my attitude hasn’t really improved that much.  you now. i’m still lazy, childish, playful and gullible. nah, i don’t like this drama but i can’t keep it to myself anymore. teka? epekto ba to ng mga taong nakapaligid sken na GC? well, maybe, partly, it is.

  i envy those people who can concentrate on their studies fully. those who can give their whole attention to their work. nakakadepress kse ung feeling na sila nag-aaral ng matino habang ako petiks petiks lang kahit may exam kinabukasan. i’m getting mad at myself ‘cause what i really wanted  to do is to give my best shot on this course. 

  naiisip ko tuloy “ito ba talaga ung course para saken o chamba lng na nkapasa ako?”. i’m starting to think that i’m just wasting my mom’s efforts on sending me to this school. not only her efforts but also her time and money. i’m losing hope but i’m still holding on. i just wish that the world will conspire in my favor. 



Skottie Young’s Marvel NOW! Baby Variant Covers

Following the success of the Avengers Vs X-Men baby variant cover comissioned by Midtown Comics and the A Babies Vs X-Babies comic that inspired these covers, Marvel has Skottie Young doing Baby variant covers for all of the new Marvel now titles. Marvel will probably run these into the ground like they did with the Marvel Zombies franchise, but goddamn, look at how amazing Skottie Young’s art is. I’m not even really a Deadpool fan but that Baby Deadpool cover is adorable.